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The objective of destination wedding is for everyone to have fun and that includes the bride, groom and their family. This is where we can help.
We understand it's easy to get caught up in all the little things because, naturally, you want everything perfect on your wedding day - from the decor and entertainment, to the comfort of your guests. All this can lead to unnecessary stress. Let us do the running around for you – starting from venue searching to finding the right decor.
We work to your needs and budgets and will always look after your interests to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a marvelous time. On your special day, we'll work to ensure everything is coordinated the way you want leaving you to create a lifetime of memories on your wedding day.
Even once the wedding day is over, our job isn't. The day after, we will be there to see to the needs of your family and guests - those who are heading home and those who are staying on. And of course for the two of you to enjoy your time together. In a nutshell – we aim to look after you at every step of your journey.

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